Value Added Services

FRI offers numerous services that will provide a Value Added Component to your company and its clients. Some of these are industry standards and some are offerings that are unique to FRI and innovative in the industry.

Catastrophic Assessments
Given the extensive experience and expertise of FRI’s health care professionals, we have the administrative and clinical expertise required to provide Catastrophic Assessments. In order to meet the SABS geographic requirements, these assessments will be performed throughout Ontario. FRI has a formal protocol necessary for performing Catastrophic Assessments.

The Medical Assessment
FRI can offer a medical assessment provided by our Medical Consultants, who have a wealth of experience. Utilizing this medical assessment can provide a number of positive outcomes. Firstly, any problems that require further investigation are identified and the investigations can be arranged if all parties agree. Secondly, the need for any further assessments by other medical providers is immediately identified. Therefore, the paper review for other assessments that might be requested by other assessment facilities can be addressed in a more confident manner because the client has already had the benefit of being seen by a physician who has experience in identifying the need for further assessments and/or diagnostic tests. Consequently, the insurer is regarded favourably as a pro-active mediator of excellent care.

Discharge Planning
Discharge planning is one of FRI’s core strengths. Discharge planning is performed by our Rapid Response Team of Nurses and Occupational Therapists who respond within one hour to any request for assistance with discharge planning. The discharge plan provides a perfect opportunity to utilize the skills of FRI’s healthcare professionals. Excellence in discharge planning shows that the insurer is client focused and is genuinely interested in providing the best standard of care to its clients. The client is confident that they are supported by their insurer in their early post-accident period.

The Task Assignment
The task assignment is basically a rehabilitation assessment conducted at any time during the life of a claim. During the task assignment, the assessor reviews the client’s issues to date and makes recommendations with regard to assisting the client in a return to pre-accident activities of daily living including or excluding a return to work. This is particularly useful when there have been multiple assessments or when requests for many different types of treatment modalities have been requested. Instead of performing multiple assessments, this one assignment, performed by a Nurse/Occupational Therapist, can identify the major issues and can pull together and focus rehabilitation efforts. As a rehabilitation tool, the task assignment promotes wellness, is medically based and would provide a cost-effective alternative to further assessments.

The RADL Program (Return to Activities of Daily Living)
Typically, the RADL program is undertaken when the client has received the recommended assistive devices. During an onsite visit, FRI’s RPN/OTA teaches the client how to properly use the assistive devices and provides education with regard to pacing and proper body mechanics, and the hurt vs. harm theory. The RPN/OTA can then sign off that the client has been educated with regard to proper utilization of the assistive devices and use of ergonomic principles in their day-to-day life/return to pre-accident normal life activities.

Arbitration Review
Arbitration rulings are reviewed weekly by FRI’s Nurse Supervisors. A synopsis of these rulings, with recommendations on how to improve our overall assessments, is shared with all of our assessors at least once per year (immediately when it is critical).

Medical Evidence
Upon request, FRI will provide a synopsis of recent medical literature that would impact file management. This can be shared either in electronic format or in a learning session. We currently have a synopsis of the most recent medical-based literature on chronic pain – its treatments and its effect on activities of daily living.

Lunch & Learn Seminars
FRI is pleased to offer complimentary educational seminars to its valued customers on topics such as Management of Catastrophic Claims, Completion of the Form 1, Utilizing the Assistive Device Program, Early Intervention for Rehabilitation or other topics as requested.

Client Appointment Confirmation Calls
To minimize missed appointments, each client is contacted three days before his/her assessment to confirm the appointment and ensure that the client is fully prepared, thus. Transportation, interpretation services and provision of assistive devices are organized in accordance with the insurer’s policies and preferred providers.

Screening of Large Medical Files
Upon request, a Nurse Supervisor will screen large medical files to assist the adjuster in determining the best and most cost effective assessments.

Defensible Reports
All assessments are supported by our up-to-date database of medical literature. As the standard that is FRI’s corporate culture, our reports are defensible, solution-based, cost-effective and quality controlled. All FRI reports are reviewed by one of our Nurse Supervisors and, upon approval, formatted by our Report Administrator. Both the report reviewer and administrator use our Report Review Checklist to ensure that each report adheres to the same high standard of quality control.

Vendor Database
FRI maintains an up-to-date database of preferred vendors including contractors, transportation services, translators, home care/medical supplies and assistive device/specialized equipment suppliers, each of which have provided excellent service in a cost-effective, timely manner.

Internal Expertise
The staff at FRI have varied and specialized backgrounds which assist in promoting best practices within the organization. Any issues/concerns are handled with a collaborative team approach that encourages discussion with the expert staff member(s) and/or assessor(s).

Quality Assurance & Accountability
FRI accepts responsibility for its actions and reports. We are accountable for any errors and turn them into a teaching tool/learning experience, in keeping with our philosophy of ‘continuous improvement’. It is FRI’s policy to discount any services that are not satisfactory.