Value Added Services

FR offers numerous services that provide a Value Added Component to your company and its clients. Some of these are industry standards and some are offerings that are unique to FRI and innovative in the industry.

  • Catastrophic Assessments

Given the extensive experience and expertise of our medical and therpay assessors, we have the clinical expertise required to provide Catastrophic Assessments. FR has a formal protocol necessary for performing Catastrophic Assessments.

  • The Medical and Diagnostic Assessment

FR is passionate about accurate and rapid diagnosis. We can offer a General Practitioner assistant  who is interested only in diagnosis and treatment recommendations. Fast Track MRI can provide the rapid diagnostics recommended in this assessment. The insurer and claimant then know right away, what the injury or disease is.  Treatment is then recommended.  

  • Discharge Planning

Discharge planning is performed by our Rapid Response Team which consists of Nurses and Occupational Therapists who respond within one hour to assist with discharge planning. The discharge plan provides a perfect opportunity to utilize the skills of FRI’s healthcare professionals. Excellence in discharge planning demonstrates confidence in the insurer. 

  • The Rehabilitation or Case Management Assessment 

A rehabilitation assessment conducted to review the client’s issues and develop a treatment plan based on cutting edge and science based treatment protocols. Indicated when numerous treatment plans are sent in simultaneously. Performed by a Nurse or Occupational Therapist who can identify the major issues and can pull together and focus rehabilitation efforts.

  • LAT Review

LAT rulings are reviewed weekly by FR’s Resource team and recommendations discussed and implemented.  

  • Medical Evidence & Seminars 

FR will provide a synopsis of recent medical literature that would impact file management. This can be shared either in electronic format or in a learning session or seminar. We currently have a synopsis of the most recent medical-based literature on chronic pain – its treatments and its effect on activities of daily living.

  • Seminars

FR is pleased to offer educational seminars on topics such as medical e.

  • No Show Protocol

FR has a very low no show rate. To minimize no shows each client is contacted three days before their assessment to confirm the appointment and ensure that the client is fully prepared. 

  • Screening Large Medical Files

Nurse Clinician screens large medical files to assist adjuster in determining the best and most cost effective assessments.

  • Defensible Reports

Assessments are supported by our current database of medical literature. Our reports are defensible, solution-based, cost-effective and quality controlled. All FR reports are reviewed by one of our QC team. Our review is organic and organized. 

  • Vendor Database

FRI maintains a database of vendors including contractors, transportation, translators, home care/medical supplies and assistive device/specialized equipment suppliers, who provide excellent service in a cost-effective, timely manner.

  • Internal Expertise

Our staff have varied and specialized backgrounds which promotes best practices within the organization. Issues/concerns are handled with a collaborative team approach based on problem-solution. 

  • Quality Assurance & Accountability

FR is responsible for its assessments and reports. We are always open to learning and ontinuous improvement.