Independent Medical Evaluations (IME)

FRI offers innovative assessment tools as well as standard insurer’s examinations. As a full service company, FRI capitalizes on its wealth of experience to offer you and your clients a full array of comprehensive evaluations, which decreases the need for multiple assessments and saves you money. Our value-added services including Standardized Physical Demands Analysis for Benefits, Rehabilitation Assessment, the Task Assignment, Medical Evidence and Arbitration Reviews further enhance our services and reduce your costs.

Since FRI has its roots in rehabilitation management, we understand clients’ injuries and the impact on their lives; however, it is our philosophy that we promote wellness, not disability. The motor vehicle accident and its sequelae are stressors that can be used to promote growth of the individual. It should not be perceived as a disabler. FRI uses a thoughtful approach to assessments.

FRI's assessments are completed by fully qualified and experienced professionals in good standing with their designated colleges. Our assessors share our values, are well versed in the applicable legislation and complete comprehensive and defensible evaluations in a timely manner. Our expert team consists of accredited Registered Nurses, Occupational Therapists, Vocational Consultants, Registered Practical Nurses and at least 300 independent assessors. Our services are also available in French.

FRI offers the following services to its clientele throughout Canada:

• Rehabilitation Assessments
• Pre-claim Assessments and Discharge Planning
• In-home and In-clinic Assessments
• Functional Abilities Evaluations (FAE)
• FAE related to Standardized PDA for Benefits
• Job Site Analysis (Physical and Cognitive)
• Ergonomic Assessments & Return to Work Assessment Planning
• Return to Activities of Daily Living Program (RADL)
• ADP Assessment for Mobility Devices
• Paper and File Reviews
• Case Management Services
• Future Care Cost Analysis
• Catastrophic Assessments & Determination
• Labour Market Surveys and Transferable Skills Analysis
• Educational Seminars
• Vocational Rehabilitation including Job Assist, Return to Work and Career Counselling

Independent Medical Assessments are available in the areas of:

• Orthopaedic, Cardiology, Internal Medicine
• Optometry, Opthamology, Dental
• Physiatry, Sports Medicine
• Chiropractic, Kinesiology, Acupuncture
• Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy
• Neurology, Psychiatry
• Psychological, Neuro-Psychological
• Psycho-Vocational and Psycho-Educational
• Speech Language Pathology
• Dietetics/Exercise & Social Work
• Vocational Counseling, Vocational Expert Witness

We serve a broad range of clients including those who have sustained brain injuries, soft tissue injuries, orthopedic injuries and spinal cord injuries, as well as working with both the geriatric and pediatrics population. Our rehabilitation and assessment services are always provided with respect to ethno-cultural, gender/sexual orientation, socio-economic and religious individuality. This is an integral component of the orientation process at FRI.

For first hand feedback on the quality of our services, please contact us for a list of references from industry professionals.